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cwchess::Color Class Reference

A color (black or white). More...

#include <Color.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Color (void)
 Construct an uninitialized Color object.
 Color (Color const& color)
 Color (ColorData color)
 Construct a Color object from a constant.
Assignment operators
Color&  operator= (Color const& color)
 Assign from another Color object.
Color&  operator= (ColorData color)
 Assign from a constant.
bool is_white (void) const
 Return TRUE if this color is white.
bool is_black (void) const
 Return TRUE if this color is black.
uint8_t operator() (void) const
 Return the underlaying integral value.
Special functions
void toggle (void)
 Change the color from black to white or vica versa.
Color opposite (void) const
 Return a Color object with the opposite color of this object.
uint8_t index (void) const
 Return a number that can be used as array index.
uint8_t forward_index_offset (void) const
 Return the index offset that advances one square in the direction of the pawns of this color.


Comparison operators
bool operator== (Color const& c1, Color const& c2)
bool operator== (Color const& c1, ColorData c2)
bool operator== (ColorData c1, Color const& c2)
bool operator!= (Color const& c1, Color const& c2)
bool operator!= (Color const& c1, ColorData c2)
bool operator!= (ColorData c1, Color const& c2)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from cwchess::ColorData
uint8_t M_bits
 0000C000, where C=0 means black and C=1 means white.

Detailed Description

A color (black or white).

This class represents a chess color.

See ColorData for defined constants.

Definition at line 67 of file Color.h.

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