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ExpressionInterface Class Reference

#include <ExpressionInterface.h>

Inheritance diagram for ExpressionInterface:

BinaryExpression< inverted, EXPR1, OP, EXPR2 > BoolExpression< inverted > ConstExpression< T > WatchedExpression< T > BinaryExpressionDerived< inverted, EXPR1, OP, EXPR2 >

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Detailed Description

Pure virtual interface for expressions.

This class is a base class for expressions (that return true or false).

Definition at line 30 of file ExpressionInterface.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~ExpressionInterface ()
 virtual destructor.
virtual void add_event_server (boost::shared_ptr< ExpressionEventServer > const &event_server)=0
 Mark that ExpressionEventServer event_server is watching this expression.
virtual bool evaluate (void)=0
 Evaluate the expression.
virtual void sub_event_server (ExpressionEventServer *)=0
 Remove ExpressionEventServer event_server from this expression.
virtual void print_on (std::ostream &os) const =0
 Print the expression on ostream os.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ExpressionInterface::~ExpressionInterface (  )  [inline, virtual]

virtual destructor.

Definition at line 33 of file ExpressionInterface.h.

00033 { }

Member Function Documentation

virtual void ExpressionInterface::add_event_server ( boost::shared_ptr< ExpressionEventServer > const &  event_server  )  [pure virtual]

virtual bool ExpressionInterface::evaluate ( void   )  [pure virtual]

virtual void ExpressionInterface::sub_event_server ( ExpressionEventServer  )  [pure virtual]

virtual void ExpressionInterface::print_on ( std::ostream &  os  )  const [pure virtual]

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