ircproxy  The Ultimate Cyborg

Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AccountAn account
ApplicationThe application singleton
Array< T >A dynamic array for small sizes
AuthenticationAuthentication token
AuthStateState information very early in a new connection
BinaryExpression< inverted, EXPR1, OP, EXPR2 >An binary boolean expression
BinaryExpressionDerived< inverted, EXPR1, OP, EXPR2 >
BoolA watchable boolean
BoolExpression< inverted >An Expression consisting of a single boolean (Bool)
ChannelAn IRC Channel
ClientMessageInAn IRC message as received from a client
ClientSessionA client session, from connect till disconnect
ClientSessionInputClient session input decoder
ConnectionOrderOrdering predicate for Server objects
ConstExpression< T >An expression consisting of a constant
CounterA counter with scope-safe increment/decrement
DestructEventTypeType unique for the DestructEvent event server
ExpressionEventRequestQueueThe EventRequestQueue for Expression's
ExpressionEventServerThe EventServer for Expression's
ExpressionEventTypeThe EventType for Expression's
ExpressionInterfacePure virtual interface for expressions
FatalErrorAn exception class
FlagsA class to store the relevant part of the flags field from a WHO reply
IdentityA Nick/Network identity
IdentityReferenceBase class for classes that always are related to exactly one Identity
in_maskAn IP mask used for matchcompIP
IncrementHelper object for class Counter
debug::IndentInterface for marking scopes with indented debug output
IndentationA class to control output indentation
Index< INDEX_POOL_TYPE >Index generator for instances of type INDEX_POOL_TYPE
debug::InvisibleAllocationsInterface for marking scopes of invisible memory allocations
IPNumberAn IP number
IRC_lessFunctor to compare strings with IRCStringCompare
ISupportStores the ISUPPORT reply (005) key/value pairs of the network
JustInTimeCatenateA just-in-time manipulator. This causes the passed token to be catenated to the previous token, without separator
JustInTimeCharA just-in-time char
JustInTimeCommandA just-in-time command
JustInTimeLastA just-in-time manipulator. This causes the passed token to be prepended with a colon, assuming it's the last parameter
JustInTimeLongA just-in-time long
JustInTimeMsgPartA just-in-time MsgPart
JustInTimePrefixA just-in-time Prefix
JustInTimeStringA just-in-time string
JustInTimeTargetA just-in-time target
JustInTimeTokenA base class for parameters of output messages
KeywordName/value pair for IRC commands (keywords) and their numeric value
MatcherMatcher base class
Matcher_exactmatchExact match matcher
Matcher_matchcompWildcard (* and ?) matcher
Matcher_noargA Matcher base class for matchers that do not take an extra argument
Matcher_regexpRegular expression matcher
MatcherEventRequestBaseMatcher event request base class
MatcherEventRequestQueueMatches event request queue
MatcherEventTypeThe type of the argument that is returned with the callback
MatchRequestA match request
MatchRequestListA list of match requests
MemberAn member of a channel
MessageInAn IRC message as received from client or server
MessageIn::PartPart of an MessageIn
MessageOutAn output message
MessageOutDataA structure containing the data associated with a MessageOut object
MsgPartLike MessageIn::Part but with a copy of msg_block_ct to keep the message block alive
MyNickMy own nick name
NetworkAn IRC network
Network::WhoMapA pair matching a WHO flag with it's mask bit
NickA nick name
NickDataThe data that can be associated with a nick name
NickPairAn input/output nick pair
NoticeTargetA fake channel that is used for communication between user and ircproxy
PersistXMLA persistent object archiver
PrefixA class representing a message prefix
PriorityA message priority
PrivateTargetA fake channel that is used for communication between user and ircproxy
ProxyListenSocketThe listen socket of the application
PseudoMessageEventRequestDataRequest data passed to the event server
PseudoMessageEventTypeType unique for the PseudoMessageEvent event server
PseudoMessageOutA pseudo output message
QuestionTargetA fake channel that is used for communication between user and ircproxy
QueueA queue for messages to be sent to the server
ServerAn IRC server
ServerConnectionObject representing the server-side connection
ServerMessageInAn IRC message as received from a server
ServerSessionA server session, from connect till disconnect
ServerSessionInputServer session input decoder
ServerVersionServer version and characteristics cache
TargetAn IRC message target (ie, channel or nickname), base class
unknown_targetAn exception class
UserAnswerA user answer to a question
UserAnswerEventRequestBaseBase class for UserAnswer event request objects
UserAnswerEventRequestQueueThe UserAnswer event request queue class
UserAnswerEventTypeThe UserAnswer event server's EventType
UserAnswerRequestDataRequest data passed to the event server
UserModeA class representing a user mode
UserQuestionThe question that belongs to a given QuestionTarget
Watched< T >A wrapper class for arbitrary objects of type T that need to be watched
WatchedExpression< T >An expression consisting of a single Watched object
WhoEventRequestBaseBase class for WHO query event request objects
WhoEventTypeEvent Type for WHO query results
WhoOptionsA class representing the options that can be passed to a WhoRequest
WhoRequestA WHO request
WhoRequestDataRequest data passed to the event server
xml_invalid_labelException class used to signal an invalid XML label
xml_parse_errorException class used to signal a failure in parsing an XML document
XMLLabelAn XML label

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