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Collaboration diagram for Control Flags:


typedef unsigned int libcwd::control_flag_t


enum  libcwd::continued_cf_nt { libcwd::continued_cf }
 continued_cf has its own type for overloading purposes. More...


control_flag_t libcwd::cond_nonewline_cf (bool cond)
 Returns nonewline_cf when cond is true.
control_flag_t libcwd::cond_noprefix_cf (bool cond)
 Returns noprefix_cf when cond is true.
control_flag_t libcwd::cond_nolabel_cf (bool cond)
 Returns nolabel_cf when cond is true.
control_flag_t libcwd::cond_error_cf (bool err)
 Returns error_cf when cond is true.


control_flag_t const libcwd::nonewline_cf
 Omit the default new line at the end.
control_flag_t const libcwd::noprefix_cf
 Omit margin, label, marker and indentation.
control_flag_t const libcwd::nolabel_cf
 Omit label, marker and indentation.
control_flag_t const libcwd::blank_margin_cf
 Replace margin by white space.
control_flag_t const libcwd::blank_label_cf
 Replace label by white space.
control_flag_t const libcwd::blank_marker_cf
 Replace marker by white space.
control_flag_t const libcwd::cerr_cf
 Force output to be written to cerr.
control_flag_t const libcwd::flush_cf
 Flush ostream after writing this output.
control_flag_t const libcwd::wait_cf
 If interactive, wait till return is pressed.
control_flag_t const libcwd::error_cf
 Append error string according to errno.

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

◆ control_flag_t

typedef unsigned int libcwd::control_flag_t

The type that is used for control flags and control flag mask.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ continued_cf_nt

continued_cf has its own type for overloading purposes.


Start a continued debug output.

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