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Runtime Configuration File (rcfile)


class  libcwd::rcfile_ct
 This object represents a runtime configuration file. More...

Detailed Description

In order to use attach_gdb() and/or to read debug channel states from an external file, you should call read_rcfile(), for example,
int main()
Debug( libcw_do.on() ); // In order to get RCFILE messages.
void on()
Cancel last call to off().
Definition: class_debug.inl:202
#define Debug(STATEMENTS...)
Encapsulation macro for general debugging code.
Definition: debug.h:124
debug_ct libcw_do
The default debug object.
void read_rcfile()
Definition: class_rcfile.h:117
read_rcfile() can be used to turn on or off debug channels, but you still have to turn on the debug object(s); in particular the debug object libcw_do that is used to print WARNING messages in case something is wrong with your rcfile.The default rcfile is .libcwdrc (you can change that by setting the environment variable LIBCWD_RCFILE_NAME ).  The application will first attempt to read this file from the current directory.  If that fails then it will try to read the rcfile from the users home directory.  If that fails too then it will fall back to reading <install-prefix>/share/libcwd/libcwdrc .  You can use the latter as a template and/or example
file for writing your own rcfile.
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